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Inspired by a man’s vision to bring the Philippines back to the map of international cycling, Le Tour de Filipinas opens the opportunity to the Filipinos and the world by being the only race in the Philippines sanctioned by Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the prestigious world cycling body.

Le Tour de Filipinas is an offspring of the numerous cycling tournaments supported by sportsman and current PhilCycling Chairman, Mr. Bert Lina. It all started with the FedEx Express Tour, then transformed as Tour of Luzon that grew into Tour Pilipinas, The Golden Tour, and later emerged as the aspiration-driven Padyak Pinoy.

In 2010, Le Tour de Filipinas ran as the first and only UCI-sanctioned tournament that will fulfil the dream for Philippine cycling. Its third edition held in 2012 was one of the most memorable events of Le Tour de Filipinas as it brought the Philippines eight notches higher in the Asian ranking of the best cyclists as categorized per country. The Philippines ranked fourth among the Asian countries, a little behind Japan, Malaysia, and Hong Kong with the Le Tour de Filipinas 2012 Overall Results as basis.

For 2014, Le Tour de Filipinas engraves its history as it starts with the initial challenge of beating the tropical heat located amid the farmlands of Central Luzon. The succeeding combinations of flat to hilly and mountainous terrain brings the riders to the steepest passes using the signature Le Tour de Filipinas final stage route leading to the summer capital, Baguio City.

Half a decade of international cycling, fulfillment of a legacy.


Cycling has always been a Filipino passion It is a sport that reflects the characteristics of the Filipino people being determined, patient and hard working. Since 1955, cyclists and cycling aficionados flooded the streets of the country when a 3-day race from Manila to Vigan was held every summer. This race which was popularly known as “Tour of Luzon” continued until 1998 when it was rated by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), an Olympic body organized to supervise and help direct the growth of the sport worldwide.


To provide Filipino cycling enthusiasts, amateur as well as professionals, adequate opportunities to develop and hone their cycling skills, particularly in road cycling, by organizing as well as encouraging other private and government bodies to stage regular local as well as cycling competitions in the Philippines and, in managing the same, adopt international cycling rules and regulations as provided by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).


To help promote cycling as a national sports favorite in collaboration with the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and assist the Philippine Cycling Federation in the identification, development and proper training of promising cyclists to qualify selected Filipino cyclists to participate and perform well in regional as well as world competitions, including the Tour de France.